Monday, June 30, 2008


Emma playing for the camera.

Justin and Erika's wedding
Daisy's Daddy daughter dance!

More Pictures

We have lost some teeth!!!

We have joined the 21st century

Amazing, the Alden's are on the internet!!! It has only taken 6 or so years but it finally happened. So i figured what better way to break through onto the web then to start a family blog. Sorry Lori I stole your Idea, but it was a good one, so what the heck. It has been a very busy spring and start of summer. There have been weddings and communions and birthday parties, it seems like every weekend we have something going on. Emma has finished with school and will begin summer school this week, she is looking forward to it. She also started her cooking class last Saturday. She had a great time, her first meal.....scrabbled eggs, toast, and sausage. Yep it is just a matter of time before Ang and I hang up our aprons forever...Ha!!! Emma also had a big experience a couple of weeks back, she got her ears pierced, yup both of them. I will throw some Pics in to try and sum up the last few months and will continue to post as I can. VIVE LE INTERNET.